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I have been looking and have decided if the the one I ordered #1060 is not a screw adjust band I have selected four other rolex replica sales that I would prefer instead #2277 or #1050 or #2300 or #8610 please notify me as soon as possible so that that I can tell you which rolex replica sales I would really prefer so that I want have to send the one #1060 back if it does not have a screw link adjustments. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you but I I know what I want and if #1060 is not a screw link band adjustment it's not what I want. I want a rolex replica sales that is a screw link adjustment style watch not pin slide adjustment. Please contact me once you receive this so I can tell you which rolex replica sales I would prefer. If the #1060 is a screw style adjustment type band than that ok but the pictures don't shoe it to be a screw style band adjustment it appears to be a pin slide adjustment and if so that is not what I want. Your help in this matter is very much appreciated. If you could send me more pictures of #1060 and I could see that it is a screw link adjustment band then that would be great. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you but you have been so helpful with my other purchases I hope you can assist me in this matter.

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Ok that's great I would like to order a different breitling replica sales and I will pay the difference just like I did last time that you sent me the link to pay the difference I would like to purchase this breitling replica sales and also the cartier replica sales. Sorry to be such a pain but this is the one I really want thank so much for being understanding. Thank you again just send me the link so I can pay the difference and all will be good. Thanks again.